Why the Lagoon of the 7 colors Bacalar?

Why the Lagoon of the 7 colors Bacalar?

Let yourself be delighted by the landscape that makes up this beautiful lagoon, also known as the Laguna de los Siete Colores, and this is because between its waters, you can easily see seven different shades of blue, turquoise blue and Prussian blue, thanks to the sun’s rays, the bottom floors and the different levels of depth that it has in its beautiful temperate waters. Its 50 kilometers in length, allow it to perform different activities such as swimming or diving, also boat rides and kayaking. Its beautiful crystalline waters accompanied by fine white sand, make thousands of tourists visit it annually to enjoy the natural wonders offered by its environment full of magic.

We are not exaggerating when saying that the Bacalar Lagoon is perhaps the most beautiful aquatic body in the country. It is still surrounded by jungle areas, with which the well-known town of Bacalar and some small communities coexist.

There are many factors interceding to generate the 7 color variations, among them are the sun’s rays and the way they illuminate the lagoon, the different types of soil that the bottom has and also the shallow water levels.

Within this large expanse of water there are areas with some pools, the waves are barely perceptible and provides a fascinating spectacle due to the crystals present in it.

Nearby you can also explore archaeological sites and some parks for eco-tourism purposes. It is an ideal environment for tourists, while here you can find fun and culture combined with extraordinary views and quality services.

The first fifteen days of the month of August, during your visit to this beautiful place, you will be able to enjoy the popular Fair of San Joaquin de Bacalar, an event that is celebrated every year and that is very coveted by the inhabitants of the town, since It offers, among other activities, some outdoor concerts, contemporary dance shows and folkloric ballet, as well as cockfights, horse races and other sporting events of great interest. In the same way, cultural exchange activities are carried out with the country closest to the region, Belize.

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