We leave at dawn to invite you to live the awakening of the lagoon, when the sun makes its appearance, the happy birds welcome the new day and the 7 colors appear on the surface of the water.

An experience to live with your partner. Let yourself be pampered, with the sounds of nature, the brightness of the sun and the silence of the lagoon.

We will sail watching the sun rise, until we find the perfect place, where to disembark and live the relaxing experience of the aguahara. A deep trip to your interior.

We invite you to close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of bowls and other healing instruments. That will help to harmonize your energy channels and to make your experience profound and healing.

After relaxing deeply in the arms of the lagoon, we offer you a fresh and light breakfast, while we set sail to continue touring the beautiful lagoon, corner of Caribbean pitas, birds and stromatolites, which make the lagoon a unique place in the world.

Sailing for approximately 45m to the lonely place where to do the two sessions of aguahara. (total duration of therapy 1h ½ approx)

Return to the boat to enjoy a fresh and light breakfast (coffee and tea, seasonal fresh fruit, energy liquefied, sweet bread, butter and honey)

If the Experience is being lived at dusk, passengers will be offered a light and delicious snack (fresh water, tea, light vegetarian sandwiches, local fruits)

Sailing around the lagoon to complete the 4h of the total of the Experience for the most emblematic places, Isla de los Pájaros, Cenote Negro and / or Canal de los Piratas.

The captain and / or guide throughout the experience will share with the passengers interesting details of the lagoon about the flora and fauna, the presence of stromatolites that confer Bacalar lagoon to be unique in the world, as well as cultural and historical details that are of the interest of the clients.

The sailboat has a refrigerator where customers can store other drinks they have wanted to bring with them.

In the case that the clients were staying in a hotel or private house near the town and with an accessible dock, the service of collection and return to the clients can be given, previous confirmation.

THIS EXPERIENCE IS SUGGESTED FOR COUPLES if you are two couples or more please comment.

DEPARTURE TIME The experience Velero-Aguahara lasts for 4 hrs approx (15m more or less), from the collection of passengers until their return.

The suggested departure time to live the 100% Magic Experience is at sunrise between 6.30am and 7am, or in the evening at 3.30pm. But the schedules are open according to availability in two bands:

Tomorrow from 7am, 8am, 9am and 10am

Afternoon from 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

RETURN TIME Approximately 2:30 PM. or 6:30 PM for the sunset tour
DETAILS The consumption of alcohol is allowed on the boat, in moderation.

The use of BIODEGRADABLE blockers is required in Laguna de Bacalar

The sailboat counts on board with blocker for use and sale.

The use of vests is mandatory during the entire journey.

The sailboat has all the security systems required by Harbor Master’s Office

We can request a taxi for transport to the port (cost approx 50 pesos from the center of Bacalar)

Professional Captain and Sailor Fruit Meals
Water Ice
Alcohol drinks (you can bring your beers, wine or juice, we have ice.)


Call us at: 271 185 85 47  / We serve from 9 :00 AM to 7:00 PM or you can use whatsapp to contact us.