The wind invites you to fly. Allow yourself to let go of all expectations and set sail for the adventure of the unknown. Know the lagoon from it, flow with it and its winds, sail with the force of the wind like a flying fish that appreciates every moment of this paradise.

Magica, aboard the Icarus, a beautiful sailboat of 22 feet in length, offers an unforgettable experience in blue, unique for you, your partner, friends and / or family that through the senses and the elements will help you connect with your inner being, with nature, silence and the sounds of the wind, with the water and the earth that provides us with delicious, fresh and nutritious food, with the heat of the sun and with the movement of your body.

It is our greatest wish that your visit to Bacalar be recorded in your most intimate interior and for this we have created an experience that will make all your senses vibrate …

Pushed by the wind we will travel the most emblematic places of the lagoon, where we will know the best pirate stories and the wonderful Mayan culture, that many years ago enriched these lands and where we can undoubtedly still feel the magic of its inhabitants … Mangle, birds , reptiles, cenotes, stromatolites and an endless number of beings that live, that feel and that are undoubtedly an essential part of the feeling of Bacalar, the lagoon where Magic is Blue.


Welcome on board.

Presentation of the crew.

Briefing on safety and the rules and procedures for the use of the boat.

Exit of the dock.

Navigation for 4 hours and stop in the most emblematic places of the Bacalar lagoon: Pirates’ Channel, Island of the Birds, Island of the Passion and Black Cenote

At these points, passengers have the option to get off the ship and go snorkeling or swimming (as long as the captain advises and conditions are favorable and there is no risk to passengers).

During the tour, passengers will be offered fresh water, fruits and fresh snacks.

It is the passengers who decide, with the suggestions of the crew, how they want to make use of their time on the ship, giving them the opportunity to sail and / or stop at these different points of the lagoon or in some others suggested by the captain and the passengers, always within the agreed time.

The captain and / or guide throughout the experience will share with the passengers interesting details of the lagoon about the flora and fauna, the presence of stromatolites that confer Bacalar lagoon to be unique in the world, as well as cultural and historical details that are of the interest of the clients.

Passengers can make use of the cafeteria, the bathroom and the public spaces of the Marina

In the case that the clients were staying in a hotel or private house near the town and with an accessible dock, the service of collection and return to the clients can be given, previous confirmation.

The use of BIODEGRADABLE blockers is required in Laguna de Bacalar

The sailboat counts on board with blocker for use and sale.

The use of vests is mandatory during the entire journey.

The sailboat has all the security systems required by Harbor Master’s Office

We can request a taxi for transport to the port (cost approx 50 pesos from the center of Bacalar)

DEPARTURE TIME The suggested times for us to live a Magical Experience are dawn (7am) ​​and sunset (3 and 4pm) since they are the most beautiful moments of light and where the sun is not so intense. but the client can decide the schedule if it is confired in advance.
RETURN TIME 4 hours after departure.
WEAR Swimwear, sunscreen, sun glasses, towels, snorkel
Professional Captain and Sailor Fruit Meals
Water Ice
Alcohol drinks (you can bring your beers, wine or juice, we have ice.)

From 3 to 6 people of all ages. Minors always accompanied by an adult.
Call us at: 271 185 85 47 or whatsapp us.